Free Motion Darning Foot – Accessory of the Month October 2017

Janome darning foot

It’s great fun to do free-hand embroidery with a sewing machine! The stitching is controlled by the movement of your hands while manually guiding the fabric.  This foot is especially designed for free motion embroidery, stippling, darning and monogramming. Skipped stitches are no longer a concern; as the needle moves up and down, so does the spring-loaded foot. This foot gives excellent fabric control while the stitches are being formed as well as the ability to move the project freely under the foot. Furthermore, the transparent foot makes it easy to see the stitching as you darn and quilt.

This Accessory of the Month comes with a bonus project – click on the link in the PDF and the easy step-by-step instructions are right there for you to follow.

Download Instructions

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